Cultivating deep bonds

One of the Beckley Med Foundation’s key environments is the community and living environment. In turbulent times, the most direct and effective way to restore psychological and social health is to cultivate meaningful and conscious connections in natural environments.
Our community approach

Fundación Beckley Med is dedicated to creating spaces open to the group, with community activities, workshops, round tables, outdoor activities and days of reflection.

We provide the appropriate spaces and means to promote and keep alive the flame of affection, collectivity, participation and the dynamisation of spaces and human groups willing to transcend individualism and competitiveness for the sake of new models of meeting and learning in community.

Forthcoming proposals

Artistic-cultural events and related book presentations.

Meditation meetings and retreats of coexistence in nature

Volunteering and expeditions in collaboration with other institutions

Forums, conferences and networking events

Upcoming events
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