Upcoming psychedelic therapy training by Stan Grof
Beckley Med will offer the prestigious Stan Grof psychedelic therapy training in 2022. The training programme has been designed by psychologist Javier Charme, who is responsible for Latin America for the Grof Transpersonal Training and has more than 25 years of experience in holotropic therapy, both with psychedelics and Grof breathing.

Stanislav Grof was a pioneer in research with psychedelics applied to psychotherapy during the 1950s and 1960s. Grof is considered one of the most influential psychologists of the 20th century, on a par with Freud and Jung. Among his contributions to the study of the human psyche, Grof is the originator of holotropic breathing, and the founder of Transpersonal Psychology, an influential branch of psychology that advocates and recognises the spiritual dimension of the human being.

The vast legacy of Grof – who is still active at the age of 92, always accompanied by Brigitte, his wife since 2016 – has been compiled in the so-called ‘Grof Legacy Training’, a comprehensive training programme, the first course of which is ‘Grofian Psychedelic Therapy’, a training for psychedelic therapists that will be offered exclusively by the Beckley Med Foundation from March 2022 and consists of face-to-face and online modules, with individual consultations, state-of-the-art group practices and holotropic Grof® Breathwork sessions.

The training programme has been created by Stanislav Grof and will be imparted by the psychologist Javier Charme, responsible for Latin America for Grof Transpersonal Training and with more than 25 years of experience in holotropic therapy, both with psychedelics and Grof breathing. According to Charme, it is an “incredible opportunity to have an integral model of transpersonal psychology developed and tested by one of the greatest eminences in the history of psychology, on a par with Freud and Jung. Psychedelics are very powerful tools, and as you go deeper into them – as you increase the dosage, for example – you encounter more challenging situations. That’s why training is so important: a psychedelic therapist needs to have been down that road.

This is a unique training, and it comes at a time when it is most needed,” explains Karina Bertolotto, head of Training at Beckley Med Foundation. Psychedelic medicine is set to be a key tool in tackling the epidemic of mental illness unleashed in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. The responsible and effective use of psychedelics in therapy is only feasible with serious and rigorous training, based on Stan Grof’s in-depth knowledge and experience with psychedelics as applied to psychotherapy”.

The ‘Grofian Psychedelic Therapy’ training takes three years to achieve Certification. The residential modules will take place in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, subject to student availability and Covid-19 mobility restrictions.

About Stan Grof and the course teachers

Throughout his long career, Stanislav Grof has accompanied more than 4,000 individual sessions of psychedelic therapy since 1954. His extraordinary clinical experience and penetrating insight as a scientific psychiatric researcher led him to develop Transpersonal Psychology, emerging from the unique and extraordinary perspective of psychedelics and holotropic states of consciousness. Grof’s work has been compared for its relevance to that of Sigmund Freud, and his contribution to psychology has been arguably the most important since Carl Gustav Jung.

In addition to Grof himself, the training will be given by Brigitte Grof, a qualified psychologist and licensed psychotherapist, who has more than 30 years of experience with Holotropic Breathwork and Holotropic States of Consciousness. Since 2004, Brigitte developed her own therapy method, combining breath and bodywork based on holotropic principles. Since 2016, Stan and Brigitte are happily married and live between Germany and California, travelling internally and externally, and working in tandem.

Other teachers of the ‘Grofian Psychedelic Therapy’ training are clinical psychologist Javier Charme, director of Grof Transpersonal Training in Latin America since 2009; clinical psychologist Paula Guzmán, co-director of Grof Legacy Training in Latin America; Viktoria Luchetti, Holotropic Breathwork facilitator and disciple of Stan and Christina Grof; and psychologists Susana Bustos, Sonia Telle and David Lukoff, as well as archetypal astrologers Alejo Bucatinksy and Renn Butler.

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The figure of Stan Grof in the history of psychedelics has reached legendary status. His legacy takes the form of a comprehensive psychedelic psychotherapy training programme.